to have gone forgot

by howaretheyfor

It’s easy to label right and wrong. Or rather, life is easier when you have labels for right and wrong. I think that’s what so appealing to people (myself included) about the Israel-Palestine conflict, the right and wrong are clear and unhidden. Where elsewhere the wrong is a sleepless power of buying and selling, stocks and real estate, here it is as simple as rich men with guns and poor men without. We (I) resonate with the idea of Palestine, with the weak fighting the strong because we (I) are all storied to resonate with good in the face of bad, the weak in the face of the strong. It feels right to support Palestine, but

When the lights went off, every bulb and lit surface becoming dull, those of us who glew begun to glow. The lights inside of us leaked through the skin around our nails, the skin around our eyes, the insides of our ears, from cuts and certain pores. Instead of searchlights, they used darkness and we are caught and tied and made naked and glowing in the dark they come upon us with the moist surfaces of their faces and collect our leakings into their own eyes and pores and mouths and we turned around and around searched for holes are drunk until we are empty of glowing and dark like everything else, solutions. The questions about being here always revolve around “solutions,” but when we reach for them in speaking, we realize that they are shadows. We cannot discuss solutions until we understand the problems. And it is hard to make sense of when right ends and wrong begins.

Is the solution to end the occupation, or is it to end the reasons for the occupation? Is it to stop israel and palestine hating and violencing each other, or is it to break down the wall? Is it to spread the money, is it to end the machinery that makes subjugation possible, the capitalisms that enslave and profit? What “problems” are symptoms of Being Human and what are deeper?

When the British occupation of India ended, it did not really end the occupation. India, and countries around the world, continue to be occupied by the ideaologies and standards and meansofproductions of the West, of the greater powers of the world. And I contended [by city’s light over spaghetti amongst friends] that capitalism is the necessary coming-to of man. That always some will profit and some will lose, some will be smarter and stronger and covet and want and take. In what way can 6,000,000,000 people not live in hierarchies? How can 6,000,000,000 people be equal, and how can 6,000,000,000 people ever find it in themselves to care about everyone else?

An idea: if we can show people how bad it is here they will care. They do not know, that is why they do not care. – I do not agree,

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter;”

By framing the “solution” within the grammars and linguistics of reality, of this physical space, we surrender ourselves to its natural physics: a greed and need to survive come from millennia of necessitated evolution, pain, pleasure, hunger, fear. By labelling the problems of the world as: capitalisms, subjugations, enslaveries, I accept those rules of profit, success, and freedom, the very things that allow those powers to capitalize, subjugate, enslavize. The evil is not great and all-powerful, the evil is in all of us: want, strength, and the misfortune of cognition–

But that also seems like a bunch of bullshit. If some have and some do not, how can I expect the ones who have not to find spiritual peace and solutions on a higher plane of being. How do you reconcile murder?

Electricity snakes, wires hang between poles and burrow into walls and at night it spheres light, bulbs of seeing. Inside, people sit beside and among its vibrations, its wires pool behind desks, beneath us it pulls and pushes liquids, and it activates the air. As clouds seethe with electricity, dripping wet and turning surfaces inwards, so too do people seethe with it unknowing, collecting it in touching and seeing and hearing and breathing, and eventually we rain, not liquid or gust, but dream. At night when we are still and packed full of light’s whispers passing through us, snagging on our rib cages and pulsing heart, we ooze a dreamfluid, a combination of sweat and spit and semen. And unglorious as the clouds that thunder and electricitize and converse with the earth its wishings, we leak as a sickness the electricity from us

Wanting to fight for Palestine Vs. Wanting to fight for the idea of Palestine.  ; ; ; What is honesty? a presumption that we know ourselves, that ourselves can be known in entirety. Is it dishonest to smile when you feel unsmile?  Science as the enemy of god vs. science as the evidence of god.