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Ineffectual light given off by a small flashlight: objects whose functions are diffused and approaching uselessness but functioning yet. What are the necessities for death, what must happen to the body for it to cease to function? It is not necessary for the skin to break, not necessary for the eyes to pop, not necessary for the insides to melt and dribble out of us, what are the ways that we can die, a detailed list:

1. By falling from a great height onto our head, crushing the skull, crushing the brain matter which is excessively sensate to the weathers and pressures of the air.
2. By becoming stabbed through the heart, the heart, though surrounded by liquid, is dry as sand. In puncturing it, filling it with our liquid it loses its functionality.
3. How do poisons work? I have a pre-acceptance of poison, of vials and tiny liquids that swallowed into me will cause my death but no understand of how that is possible. How can a small amount of liquid enter into my body and result into my death?

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The liquid is magnetized, entering into the bloodstream it draws the metals of our blood to itself and causes a closure, a blockage.

The liquid is a solution of broken glass, in passing through the veins and arteries, it slices and cuts and unties the ribbons of our blood canals into long wet strings. Our body becomes diffuse with blood.

The liquid is aluminum it rushes to our fingertips and there it turns our fingers into like lightening rod, drawing electricity from everything we touch into our body until we decide to touch ourselves, creating a close circuit of electricity that burns us.

Electricity fills the sky, radiance fills the sky, cloud fills the sky all in a seeming complete opposition to the garbage that sits on the earth. Chairs and dust and square buildings, the sun sets in a kingdom of ceaseless unviewable motion, challenging our understanding of before and after, a ceaseless honeying.

“Lie down and I will pour honey into your eyes.”

“But will that not damage me? Will that not make my eyes sticky and unworking?”

“You have stringented a definition of what you are fixed and whole. My desire is to show you that in brokenness also you can become a kind of whole. Your eyes broken and filled with honey will see nothing yet-

courtesy DS
photo courtesy DS

I have no problems with Israel. Israel will always be there, will always be an evil.There will always be similar evils. My problem is with Palestine. My problem is with this city, Nablus, filled with peace and families of bread makers and shoe fixers and fruit sellers and brick makers that continues and subsists in this quasi-peace, while around it Israel dismantles, disenfranchises and “disappears” the Palestinian people.

My problem is with people here who celebrate ineffectual, violent martyrdom, pictures of young men with guns, dressed in camouflage (you can see how scared they are in how bravely they stand). My problem is with hookah smoking and cigarette smoking and young men who choose to allow this occupation to slowly kill their people and allow images pictures of Palestine to continue to disseminate around the world, villainizing the brown man. My frustration is with Palestine and their peace.

If Palestine is going to care about their land, then they cannot go on allowing Israel to feed them a false sense of security while they strategically seize the rest of the country surrounding the big cities, avoiding a final confrontation as long as possible. Nablus is not a city, it is as huge refugee camp, for all the people who have been scared out of the smaller cities and towns, surrounded by settlers.

If you truly believe in something, you need to be willing to fight for it. Need to be willing to die for it, and I know it’s easy for me to say that as a foreigner and “whatever,” but my point is simple: either fight the occupation or do not complain about it. The solution for the occupation must come from the Palestinians and must come in the form of cohesion and singularity, it must come from a united people dedicated and finally decided to stand for their cause. DS said today, “things need to get worse before they can get better,” and there is nothing more applicable to the situation here. Nablus is the epitome of peace. All day long from somewhere a monotone “Happy Birthday” rings off some ice cream truck, filling the entire city with apathy. Young men walk through the streets hand in hand, laughing. People eat ice cream and falafel and children play soccer and paint murals about coexistence. It is a true peace. People are growing and loving, having children and making a little bit of money and marrying each other. It is life, continuing. And this evil thing, the occupation, lurks all around this city. 18 year old Israeli men with guns stand all along the highway, segregated busstops, settlements that surround and constrict little villages. Olive trees lit on fire, hummers humming up and down all the mountains. This irony, this touching point is what needs to be made sense of.

The Palestinians of the cities need to stop allowing themselves to be pacified and act in cohesion. Where is it? Where is the resistance movement? Where is the group of 25 year old kids who’ve read malcolm x and nelson mendela and gandhi and das kapital in translation who are disseminating literature all over the city, printing words of revolution? Organizing the counter movement to the risk of their lives? To end this occupation, the Palestinians must be willing to die for their cause. Die in peace. They cannot act in violence because they will be villainized. They must resist with peace, with their voices. Where is that? Where is the gathering of 10,000 Palestinians before a great sound system where young people speak truths, where cameras point and the Israelis are allowed to become the villains? I have no problem with Israel, I have a problem with the apathy and fear of the Palestinians. And the answers are sensible:

“Israel feeds us, what happens when we fight them? We don’t have the resources to fight.”

“They have more guns, they will kill us.”

“Things are peaceful now, why seek to create problems?”

Things need to get worse before they get better. BECAUSE things are peaceful, the occupation is not a humanitarian controversy, and so will not get the global aid and attention it needs. Once Palestinians stand up and become organized and begin to speak with huge voices and create film and video and audio that sells itself, powers will Need to act. The solution must come from Palestine. It must come from organization, dissemination, Word. Where is the Word? Where is the spoken word of freedom, the decision to be free? Individuals martyr themselves, but it will not be an individual that saves the Palestinian people, it will be the Palestinian people. Palestine must martyr itself. The entire People must be willing to die, but NOT be willing to kill. They must be organized, they must speak. Palestine must occupy Israel. The fruit sellers must bring fruit and the bread sellers must bring bread and the shoe makers must mend shoes and the Palestinian people need to relinquish all ties of ownership and become as one people marching. Walking in a simple statement: “we are people as you are people please this must not go on anymore.” This un-baked cookie of a war, warm in someplaces, cold in the center, has been going on for 60 years. SIXTY YEARS.

It so easy to feel hopeless; Israel and the Palestinian Authority do a good job of creating an environment of peaceful hopelessness. But it needs to be broken from. Where is that group of young men who start writing and printing and inspiring people to listen? Who organize events and words spoken, who decide to take this battle on their own terms, not just waiting until Israel finally decides to exterminate the nation of Palestine?

The answer is simple: Palestine must wake up, and fight with peace.

My anger is at Palestine for allowing themselves to be occupied. I understand it’s complicated when you think about it politically and economically and socially and geographically and religiously and in terms of the weather and the rate at which things speed up and slow down, the melting points of metals, but it SHOULDN’T be complicated to a young Palestinian man. It should be simple: Israel, stop doing what you’re doing. Palestine, start doing what should be doing.

I am unsure if it’s reasonable or unreasonable to be angry at the shebabs… I think I just want to see revolution