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It’s so simple: violence begets violence. It’s odd, no, how many times we’ve heard the exact same story? Yet, it doesn’t stick. Yet, “well they attacked us first,” yet “no, but a few days before that…,” yet “ah yes but a few days before that…” It is easy to rationalize violence in a dialogue of violence. It is not a conversation of Sense; the problem is that the entire dialectic needs to change; Palestine must stop trying to find reasons and sense within a system that is without sense. It must choose not to fight, it must choose noncooperation. Palestine must choose to Be free, not fight free.

In Gaza

Thanks to John Glaser for his compilation, below.  All words his own:

Israel has again attacked Gaza. In its aerial and ground assault that began on Saturday, November 10th, at least 7 Palestinians have been killed, 5 of them civilians, 3 of whom were children. Up to 52 others, including 6 women and 12 children, have been wounded.

One of the wounded is carried into a hospital in Gaza City following Israel’s shelling (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

As in every vicious military offensive Israel carries out in Gaza, the dominant narrative is that it is a response to rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel. This is how it’s being reported in the US, and this is how virtually every American understands it.

And it’s a lie.

It’s true that on Saturday, prior to the expanded Israeli bombardment, the military wing of the Popular Front For the Liberation of Palestine shot an…

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