there are people sleeping in bomb shelters tonight

by howaretheyfor

packed into jars joints snapped backwards cheeks and knees pushed against the glass people are pushed into the earth, the jar turning as it fits itself into the earth.

There are people sleeping in bomb shelters tonight, holding each other their wet coming to the surface, they stick to each other sweaty and teary and waxy the earth around them turns moist and fertile,

I am ashamed at how ineffectual I am. How clear, how clear, let me be clear about clear: skyclear waterclear glassclear, rainbowclear cloudclear dirtclear gritclear, clearclear, habibi, Clear Clear. I am Clear Clear how easy it is to stop this shit. I am ashamed at how ineffectual I am, ashamed at how easy it is for everyone to hate everyone because they speak a different language have a different nose and different skins, I am ashamed at how easy it is for me to see: the jews are not evil, the palestinians are not evil, no one is wrong and no one is right. The answer, it’s never been tried before, stop hating. Right? Stop letting your parents and your governments, the people who are older and more powerful than you, teach you to hate for their wars, their profits. Stop letting their power invest in itself because that’s what power does, don’t you see? Power preserves itself and it preserves itself by labeling enemies and filling you with a need to be protected and providing that protection have you seen the pictures of bombs and missiles being shot into the air how beautiful they are? Their smokestreams are filled with rainbows (bows of rain! like opening a door you are filled with an unconscious expectation of what lies behind it: beds and clothes or pots and pans, but these doors, these doors that missiles spring from are filled with Bows of Rain, when angels cum they shudder.

When angels cum, they shudder, and hairs on a women’s thighs like tiny worms, these missiles come from angels, habibi, when angels come, they shudder, and they are not made from the same metals we cook with they are made from hyper light and hyper intouch metals, metals that don’t feel the air that can Fly, right? That take up the light of the sun not in a reflecting but in a drinking and being saturated with and fill the air with a great thirstful sucking, Dear Hamas please kill for me and my safety. Dear IDF please kill for me and my safety, please fuck them, please take that brown man, yes that one there, take him and first break his teeth so he cannot bite me anymore. Please bend back each one of his fingers and snap them so they cannot strangle my throat as I have seen them, yes, now please cut open his eyes, he is undeserving of such a beautiful perfect machine as I have, these eyes placed into me by god as a child I protect them in my sockets and grow them day by day they are mine i water them when i blink with a thin sheen of tear, now please smash him in his unseeing bring down on him the fury of your might please fuck him, please pierce him with you, please protect me.

Please, protect me, father, there are people sleeping in bomb shelters tonight, I am frightened. I am filled not with hate but love, so please hate for me. Hate the terrorist man, hate the yehudi man, hate them for me, take them all up in hands and crush them together to reveal to me their own wet surface beneath the dusts, empty them of their oceans, and their organs that are boats and their perfect eyes,

I am ashamed that people are sleeping in bomb shelters tonight, ashamed at how easy it is for me to see why people build walls around people, because it’s easier to rain bombs on them, easier to turn them into zoopeople patrol their ins and outs and control their population by bombshot zoopeople but never so much as to enter into the recordbooks, what are 5000 dead arab men they are not men, silly! They are zoopeople, see how they shit and fuck in cages? They are not women, silly, they are zoopeople playing with zootoys and drinking zoowater that is scummed and scraped from the caves of the inside of the earth zoowater thick with crystal? It’s not millions, just a few at a time, clog them with generators of smoke, machines that steal air and replace it with fog, and pack everyone into jars and snap them along their joints to fit like tongue depressors,

Don’t you see, how wrong it all is? How wrong it all is how wrong it all is how wrong it all is– stop letting your parents dehumanize your enemies and instead humanize them, realize that they are filled with breath, they are more than how many soldiers they have, how many guns they have, they are people. God, don’t you see? They are actually People, not figments of satan put on the earth to threaten you and your family, but people. Their body is a surface of pain, a surface of pleasure, don’t you–? Isn’t it–? There are people sleeping in bomb shelters this night, there are missiles in the air that drink the light of sun and beneath them sing the imams calling the arab man to prayer, pray for your gods, pray for your gods they will protect you eloah akbar