another day

by howaretheyfor

It’s not people that are bad it’s power. It’s Hamas and the IDF and government; it’s aid money and support money and weapons money; it’s not people. The Israeli’s hate because they are taught to hate, the Palestinians hate because they are taught to hate and I do not blame people, I do not blame people for hating for choosing to look at one side over the other, people are small and timid and weak and let the priests tell them what God says instead of reading it for themselves, they close their eyes more tightly when asked to open them more widely, they have been frightened into forgetting how to see and how to think for themselves,

One must renounce the bad taste of wishing to agree with many people. “Good” is no longer good when one’s neighbour takes it into his mouth. And how could there be a “common good”! The expression contradicts itself; that which can be common is always of small value. In the end things must be as they are and have always been—the great things remain for the great, the abysses for the profound, the delicacies and thrills for the refined, and, to sum up shortly, everything rare for the rare.
Beyond Good and Evil, 41

We are inundated with imagery upholstered to infiltrate our deepest sympathies: power sways and maintains itself and only acts when its supremacy is endangered. And power is not political parties, it is not even big companies, it is the veneer. The super-necessary top-most layer of activity; it is not a single person or a series of peoples but a vesperous mist that takes silent and instant account of “muslim voters” and “jewish voters” and “sugar consumers,” it is ceaselessly and innermostly hyper-conscious of the being of all man and adjusts itself accordingly. It moves to protect itself and cannot be dismantled.

In the static space of the architect, he might’ve used a double integral now and then, early in his career, to find volumes under surfaces whose equations are known — masses, moments, centers of gravity. But it has been years since he’s had to do with anything that basic…in the dynamic space of the living Rocket, the double integral has a different meaning. To integrate here is to operate on a rate of change so that time falls away: change is stilled….’Meters per second’ will integrate to ‘meters’. The moving vehicle is frozen, in space, to become architecture, and timeless. It was never launched. It will never fall.
gravity’s rainbow, pynchon